Five Good Reasons To Avoid Non-ford Parts

Getting into a car accident in the dead of winter is bad enough. Using aftermarket or counterfeit parts for repairs can make it even worse. Here’s why.

1. Your vehicle’s safety systems could be affected. Counterfeit and aftermarket parts are sometimes made with flimsier materials—plastic instead of steel, for example—which not only can damage the structural integrity of your vehicle but can have a dangerous effect on your carefully calibrated airbags. Why take a gamble? Ford Original Equipment collision replacement parts protect you by working seamlessly with your vehicle’s safety systems, which means less hassle and fewer worries.

2. Aftermarket parts may require more repairs. It only makes sense that Ford vehicles would work best with the parts tailor-made for them. And the truth is, cars with aftermarket parts sometimes need more maintenance after collisions than those with Ford Original Equipment. Watch side-by-side comparisons, computer simulations and actual Ford crash tests here.

3. You could pay extra in the long run. More repairs, of course, could translate into more money thrown away. Also, the fit, design and performance of aftermarket and counterfeit parts can differ so wildly that you may have to replace parts more frequently even if you never get into an accident. And don’t forget: Damage to your vehicle caused by the failure of aftermarket, salvage or reconditioned parts may not be covered by your Ford new-vehicle warranty.

4. Counterfeit parts may be untested. There’s no getting around it: Counterfeit auto parts are made illegally. Which means you don’t know for sure where they’re from, what they’re made of or whether they adhere to any safety standards. In 2012 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration went so far as to issue an alert warning drivers to stay away from counterfeit air bags, because tests showed “consistent malfunctioning ranging from non-deployment of the air bag to the expulsion of metal shrapnel during deployment.” Yikes. Eliminate this risk by finding a trustworthy body shop through our Locator—type in your ZIP code and check the box for “General Collision Repair.”

5. You could be without your Ford longer. Repair time may increase when it comes to aftermarket, counterfeit or salvage parts, because they can require modifications or work-arounds to make them fit. And you could have to wait longer just for parts to be shipped in from far-off locations. Don’t be left in the lurch: Original Ford parts are readily available at thousands of Ford and Lincoln dealerships, which means you’re back in action that much faster. For more info about Ford Collision parts, check out

By Esther Holman


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