5 Stellar Winter Carnivals

Celebrate the snowy season in a cool SUV: the 2017 Escape.

White Pass Winter Carnival, White Pass, Wash.

Listen to live music and watch the fireworks streak across majestic views of Mount Rainier.

Red River Winter Carnival, Red River, N.M.

Watch the snowmobile hill climbs and skijoring, a daring sport in which skiers are pulled through a course by horses.

Quebec Winter Carnival, Quebec

Judge the snow sculpture competition and cheer on the glamorous performances in the famed night parade.

Saint Paul Winter Carnival, Saint Paul, Minn.

Sit back as the ice sculptors turn blocks of ice into masterpieces. Plus, if you’re excited about driverless cars, be sure to check out the autonomous snowplow competition.

Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival, Steamboat Springs, Colo.

Be warned, this festival is not for the faint of heart—one skier jumps through hoops of fire in a pyrotechnic suit. Other athletes test their mettle by pulling sleds that shoot fireworks.


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