Picture Perfect


Picture Perfect

2017 Edge Sport Embarks on the Ultimate (Selfie-worthy!) California Road Trip

By Sarah Miller | Photographs by Brook Pifer

My friend Genevieve and I both love dogs to the point of lunacy. We’re also crazy about classic rock, social media and exploring new towns. Fortunately, all those things go together beautifully: road trip!

Spring is an excellent time of year to drive from San Diego to Palm Springs, because you can cover a variety of gorgeous landscapes in a matter of hours—beach, desert, mountains …. everything from surf to sand to snow. And the 2017 Edge Sport, with its Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD), adaptive steering and comfortable ride, is the ideal vehicle for the job.

Genevieve and I queue up some ’70s classics, load up Sailor, her very photogenic Siberian husky—and we’re off.


San Diego: Surf, Sun & Art

Surfers dot the San Diego coastline under a gossamer layer of morning mist as we sip coffee outside of the ’30s-era bungalows at Crystal Pier Hotel & Cottages. Everything—the surfers, the flower-filled window boxes, Sailor—is just begging to be captured. Snap. Snap. Snap.

Then we cruise over the Coronado Bridge to take in the magnificent views. San Diego is a military town, so battleships roam the sparkling sea as lemony sunshine pours in through our large panoramic Vista Roof®.*

Suddenly the SYNC® 3*† interface reads the social-media comments from friends who have seen our photos (“Love a beautiful So-Cal morning!”). Sailor cocks his head to one side, surprised to hear the car talk. I laugh and hit the accelerator. Balboa Park, here we come.

Genevieve is crazy about museums; I prefer flowers and trees. Nonetheless, Stephania Villar, from the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, promises we will both flip for the city’s 1,200-acre park. “With dozens of breathtaking gardens and 17 museums, there is something here for absolutely every interest,” she says enthusiastically.

Turns out, she’s right: While I post pics of snapdragons in the Alcazar Garden, Genevieve ogles masterpieces in the San Diego Museum of Art. Later, we connect for a stroll on the painted cobblestones of the Spanish Village Art Center, pausing to buy handcrafted mugs from San Diego Potters’ Guild members at their wheels. You could spend a week in Balboa Park. But Temecula beckons.

Temecula: Old Meets New

The ride in the Edge is so smooth, even over bumps, that Sailor dozes until our next stop, in Temecula: à la minute, a liquid-nitrogen–enhanced ice cream store.

“Liquid nitrogen freezes the ice cream rapidly, so the ice crystals are smaller,” the server explains, “and it’s a lot creamier.” We stare, amazed, as liquid nitrogen snakes under the glass counter like a fog bank.

“Delicious!” Genevieve says, as I photograph her taking a bite of espresso chip. I dig in—yum. This stuff is creamier than typical ice cream. When we return to the Edge, Genevieve plugs her computer into the handy 110-volt outlet*, then saves a jillion photos from her phone.

Pulling into Old Town Temecula is like stumbling onto the set of a western—complete with an old-time saloon. Nonetheless, a present-day gourmet experience is just around the corner in the form of the Temecula Olive Oil Company. Here, we knock back tasty samples of the company’s locally grown olive oil. We’re similarly intoxicated by the natural beauty products (coconut vanilla sugar scrub!), but drag ourselves away for an afternoon drive.

As evening approaches, a blushing sky illuminates quaint villas on the hillside, nestled among grapevines and olive trees .… #isthisitaly?

Idyllwild: Alpine Bliss

Having traveled from the Wild West to the Tuscan Hills in just 10 minutes, we’re not surprised the next morning when we zip from spring to winter within 40 minutes. On the abrupt rise toward Mount San Jacinto through Idyllwild, the adaptive steering of the Edge Sport helps us effortlessly navigate the curvy roads—while the temperature drops about 15 degrees.

“Aaah,” I say, taking a deep breath. Sailor perks up, wagging his tail.

The frosty, pine-scented mountain air is so invigorating, it makes sense that this was once the site of the Idyllwild Sanatorium for tuberculosis patients. It opened in 1901—but closed down soon afterward. “Apparently the nights were a little too cold,” says local historian Bob Smith. Snow regularly falls in this high-altitude area of California, even when it’s a balmier 60 degrees on the desert floor below. “Also, the people on vacation weren’t all too keen about being near a sanatorium,” he adds. Idyllwild’s sylvan beauty was a big draw for Hollywood, and Smith recommends we check out Hidden Lodge, recognizable from certain seminal ’60s films. Creepy, cool, rustic …. perfect!

Palm Springs: Divine Desert

We visit Palm Springs’ Sinatra House and picture the singer strolling the walkways, which are sprinkled with blooming birds-of-paradise.

After the alpine ruggedness of Idyllwild, the polished desert resort town of Palm Springs feels very glamorous—and welcomingly warm. At Arrive, a mid-century modern boutique hotel, we drink iced coffee in its chic café and check in with Chris Menrad, president of the Palm Springs Modern Committee.

“Palm Springs is one of the few areas of the country where you can see whole neighborhoods of faithfully preserved mid-century architecture,” Menrad says, and suggests we explore the Twin Palms neighborhood. We do just that, admiring the brightly painted orange and yellow doors, matching citrus trees and geometric landscaping accompanying these striking homes.

It is our good fortune to be invited to visit one of Palm Springs’ most iconic mid-century modern residences, Twin Palms Estate, where Frank Sinatra resided briefly in the late 1940s and early ’50s. We play his hit songs and picture Frank strolling along the walkways, which are sprinkled with blooming birds-of-paradise. Lounging by the pool, which sparkles like a gem in the desert sun, it’s easy to imagine Frank here, martini in hand, toasting life.

That night, we effortlessly drive back up into the mountains in the comfort of the Edge Sport. The city’s twinkling lights spread out before us, and even Sailor seems awestruck. As beautiful as Palm Springs is up close, it might be at its loveliest from a distance. We play another Sinatra favorite, “Fly Me to the Moon,” and feel like we are already there.

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*Available feature. †Don’t drive while distracted. Use voice-operated systems when possible; don’t use handheld devices while driving. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Not compatible with all phones. Message and data rates may apply.
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