2017 F-150 Takes On Moab, Utah

Watch as the owners of an adventure cycling company give a new truck the ultimate test-drive.

Ashley Kornblatt and Mark Sevenoff, owners of Western Spirit Cycling in Moab, demand a lot from their trucks. The vehicles need to be tough, smart and dependable enough to haul heavy bikes and gear through Utah's unforgiving terrain. “There are all kinds of incredible dirt roads that go into the back country,” says Ashley. “You just need the right tool to get out there and see it all.”

So they test-drove the 2017 F-150 for both work and play. First: a family off-road adventure to see some impressive dinosaur footprints. “There’s just this feeling you get when you are out there and away from it all. It’s about those big open spaces and not being fenced in,” says Ashley. The F-150, packed with driver assist features, made getting away so much easier.

Next, they took a bike tour group out in the F-150 for a day of cycling and exploring Moab’s rocky hills and valleys. The F-150 EcoBoost engine with a new 10-speed transmission helped them power through any rough spots.

At the end of the day, was the 2017 F-150 smart and tough enough for Ashley and Mark’s adventure-tour company? Watch the video to find out.

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