America’s Tastiest Catches

When it comes to fishing, it’s America the bountiful. Pack your tackle, hit the road—and prepare for a feast.

Largemouth Bass

Most flavorful when cooked shortly after being caught, this meaty fish tastes great with spiced apples. Seek them out in warmer waters—bass are cold-blooded.

Primary Regions: The Midwest and the Eastern Seaboard


Brook Trout

An inviting canvas for any meal, trout boasts moist flesh and a soft, nutty flavor—not at all “fishy.” Try baking it with a pecan crust. These fish thrive in cool running water, such as mountain streams.

Primary Regions: Appalachia and the Rocky Mountains



This fish’s tender flesh, delicate flavor and appealing white/pink hue make it ideal for ceviche. Walleye like to lurk around lake vegetation, so you’ll find them near reeds.

Primary Regions: Great Lakes and the Upper Midwest


Northern Pike

The pike’s large size (they can grow to more than 50 inches!) and flaky texture make it a prime candidate for fish bakes. Pikes prefer cold, clear, rocky water; search for them in lakes in cooler climates.

Primary Region: Northern U.S.


Sockeye Salmon

This popular fish’s firm consistency is well suited for grilling (place it on a brine-soaked cedar plank for added moisture). Each summer, salmon run from the ocean back to their native streams.

Primary Region: Pacific Northwest

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