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Ford joins forces with comedian Loni Love

Comedian Loni Love is a problem solver. She played that role while working as an electrical engineer for years before stand-up comedy became her full-time gig. And the Detroit native approaches jokes the same way—every punchline takes a certain number of steps to get to.

So it's no surprise that when it comes to breast cancer, an issue that affects thousands of lives each year, Love wants to help find an answer. She does this by promoting awareness through her various endeavors, including The Real, a daytime talk show she co-hosts with three other women in entertainment.

This year she took things a step further and worked with Ford, which, through its Warriors in Pink campaign, raises funds for fighting the disease while also promoting practices that can help patients cope through its More Good Days movement.

“When you have the platforms I have, there is a responsibility to put out the right information,” Love says. “Yes, I entertain, but I also want to inspire and encourage women.”

Her collaboration with Ford launched in July at the ESSENCE Festival in New Orleans. There, in addition to conducting a live taping of The Real, she met a number of breast cancer survivors who participate in the Warriors campaign. Strategies that the campaign promotes, like early detection, can help keep the women in Love's family cancer-free.

“It's a great initiative that can help save lives. I'm really moved by it,” Love says.



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