Faster, simpler, better: The latest installment of MyFord Touch® is is on its way—with no charge for current owners.

MyFord Touch

Ford is continually exploring ways to improve MyFord Touch®. A new performance upgrade will offer enhancements integrated into 2013 model year vehicles that will enhance the system and add all-new features. The upgrade will also be provided to all existing MyFord Touch owners. The features, which will arrive shortly, include redesigned screens, new functionality and more.

What’s required for you to get this upgrade? Actually, nothing more than a mailbox. Soon, all current MyFord Touch owners will receive a “how to upgrade” packet with a USB drive inside. Simply plug the drive into your vehicle to complete the upgrade. Or if you prefer, you can take the packet to your local Ford dealer and have the technicians perform the upgrade for you—at no charge. The end result is a faster system that features simpler graphics, easier controls, enhanced voice recognition capability, tablet compatibility, support for Audiobooks and more.

In addition, a new SD card featuring updated and enhanced map views that are richer with more 3D landmarks will be provided to owners with Navigation at no charge. It will also include freeway junctions and signs enhanced through photo-realistic screen images.

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