Journey Easier

Ford’s latest engine won’t be found under a hood

Back in 2015, Ford tasked a team with developing a way to help people move through their day in smarter, better and easier ways. What they came up with is a one-stop mobility solution that gives you more control of your journey, and turns the things you do every day into more rewarding experiences. The best part? Anyone can use it—whether you own a Ford or even a vehicle at all. FordPass® features:

  • FordPass Marketplace A mobile app loaded with functionality and connectivity to make being on-the-go easier.
  • FordPass Perks A rewarding way to get surprises from Ford and its exclusive partners.
  • FordHubs State-of-the-art mobility experience centers for exploring Ford’s latest products and technologies.
  • FordGuides
    A friendly team of experts able to help with any number of mobility questions.

Visit to learn more.

FordPass is available through a free download via the Apple App Store or Google Play, available in late spring 2016. Message and data rates may apply. Services may be limited by mobile phone network coverage area.


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