The future of electric

“Henry Ford and Thomas Edison worked on an electric-car prototype over 100 years ago,” says Kevin Layden, director of electrified powertrain engineering at Ford. So it’s fitting that after decades of being a leader in EV tech development, the company is poised for another breakthrough: to “electrify our most popular, highest-volume vehicles,” Layden says. This will offer customers even more capability and performance, he adds, “along with greatly improved fuel economy.” Ford recently confirmed seven of 13 new global electrified vehicles to be released in the next five years, with a bold $4.5 billion investment.

Here’s what’s in store for 2020:

 - A hybrid version of the iconic Mustang, which will deliver V8 power

 - An all-new, fully electric small SUV with a projected EPA estimated range of 300 miles*

 - A hybrid version of the F-150, which will offer powerful towing and payload capacity

 - In Europe, a Transit Custom plug-in hybrid engineered to reduce operating costs

*Actual range varies with conditions such as external elements, driving behaviors, vehicle maintenance, and lithium-ion battery age.


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