A Smarter Way To Move

The Ford Last Mile Innovation Challenge tasked employees with developing innovative transportation solutions. 

To foster a spirit of innovation, Ford sponsored the Last Mile Mobility Challenge, which tasked employees with developing transportation solutions for areas where vehicles are not practical.

One of the finalists, Kilian Vas of Germany, invented CARR-E, a rideable platform that stows in the back of the car. Once it’s deployed, drivers could stand on it and navigate to their final destinations.

Travelers could prop an object on CARR-E, which would automatically follow. A Belgian team designed the self-driving eChair, which promises freedom for drivers with reduced mobility. With a tap of the SYNC® 3 console, the eChair would move from beside the driver’s door and load itself into the trunk. Later, it would unload itself in the same manner, helping drivers transition from their car to their wheelchair with ease.

A secret benefit of the Challenge? Increased morale. “Ford gives its employees a chance to be creative, to come up with innovative ideas,” says Vas.



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