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Sherif Morsi takes his family to explore the great outdoors in his F-150 XLT

By Kristin Baird Rattini

Sherif Morsi was on a mission: To show his three daughters falling snow for the first time. One winter morning, they jumped into his 2013 F-150 XLT and headed out from their home in suburban Los Angeles into the San Gabriel Mountains. But as conditions worsened and traffic slowed to a crawl, they unexpectedly came to a checkpoint: Only four-wheel-drive vehicles permitted past that point.

Where most families would have to turn around, disappointed youngsters in tow, Sherif’s youngest daughter, Nadiya, instead was triumphant. “She asked me, ‘Dad, don’t you have four-wheel drive?’” Sherif recalls. “When we were waved through the checkpoint, Nadiya felt like she was queen of the world.” Soon after, they were laughing and playing in the snow, their mouths open to catch the falling flakes.

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Sherif preps Layla for her driver’s license test.

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Their F-150 XLT has served as a reliable ride for the Morsi family’s explorations of the natural world. They’ve made waves on jet skis on the Colorado River. They’ve splashed in lakes Havasu, Mead and Mojave. They’ve taken in the grandeur of the Grand Canyon. And they’ve stood in awe as deer passed within a few yards of them in Yosemite National Park. “I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors,” Sherif says. “I want my children to appreciate nature, too.”

As they share the backseat, munching on baked potato chips, Nadiya and her older sisters Maya and Layla have plenty of elbow room—thanks to the F-150, its roomy crew cab and its convertible bench seat. Glimpsing his girls in the rearview mirror takes Sherif back to his own childhood, when he would play with his toy cars in the back of his father’s Econoline van.

Since then he has spent tens of thousands of hours in Ford vehicles: in his first car, a 1988.5 Escort inherited from his older sisters, in Ford sedans in his work for a government agency, and in the three Ford vehicles he has purchased for his own family: two F-150s and an Expedition XLT. “To me, Ford means power, style and reliability,” Sherif says.

He looks forward to racking up even more hours as the family plans their next outing to the San Bernardino Mountains. But there’s no need to wait for an adventure until then. The Morsi family has started a new in-town outdoors tradition: going to the drive-in theater.

“The girls love it,” Sherif says. “They pile into the back of the truck with their blankets and pillows. My kids are my most important cargo.”

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