She's Got Horsepower

A longtime Ford fan and horsewoman discovers a new life with her first Mustang.

By Julie Russell

As a lifelong equestrian, Amy Michalski knows horses—from the twenty or so animals she cares for each day to the pony she takes out on the open Texas highways: a 2015 Mustang convertible.

“This is my first Mustang—my dream car,” says Amy. “I’ve always wanted one, but it never made sense for my lifestyle until lately.”

Growing up on a cattle ranch and having spent the last 20 years working as an equestrian specialist for a girl’s camp in south central Texas, Amy’s lifestyle always made trucks the more sensible choice—specifically, Ford trucks. “I’ve owned Ford my entire driving life,” she says.

But since moving to a new job at a camp in Spicewood, Texas, with its easy access to Austin—and having gone through a difficult divorce—Amy was looking for a second car, one well-suited to a new life in the city. “I needed something zippy and more economical,” says Amy. “The Mustang hugs the road really well, and it’s just a fun car to drive.”

Amy nicknamed her previously owned red Mustang convertible “Baby” because of how the pony is dwarfed by her 2004 F-350 pickup. “I’m pretty sure the Mustang can fit in the bed of the truck,” jokes Amy.

And while she chooses the Mustang to go into town, Amy’s F-350 still has plenty of work to do at camp, where she heads up the entire equestrian program. “I love that truck,” says Amy, who has hauled a 20-foot trailer loaded with up to 12 horses behind it*. “The average size in the herd is 1,000 pounds, so you can do the math on that!” she says.

For an upcoming road trip to New Mexico, Amy is planning to take the Mustang along the flat, remote roads of west Texas and enjoy the drive. The Mustang, she says, represents a type of liberation after divorce: “We’re heading in the right direction, doing good,” she says. “It’s definitely more than a car to me.”

*When properly configured.
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