Southeast Asia Adventure

An Indian blogger takes his Ford Endeavour on a sightseeing odyssey.

By Julie Russell

To say Suresh Joseph has caught the travel bug would be an understatement. Earlier this year, the international road tripper from India journeyed solo across eight countries in Southeast Asia in his 2010 Ford Endeavour.

Suresh, who lives with his wife in Kochi, a city on the southwest coast of India, has always had a taste for adventure. In late 2014, he had just finished a drive with his Endeavour from Kochi to London (a more than 14,000 mile drive through 27 countries) and was on his flight back home when wanderlust hit him again. “I became a fan of the Endeavour,” says Suresh of his trip to London. And that’s when he began planning his Southeast Asian trek.

After a few months of careful organizing (and visa wrangling) he completed the
11-week trip this past spring. With the Endeavour loaded up with camping gear, clothes and supplies, Suresh drove through India, Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. And to promote his adventures—and his travel blog, The Railwayman—Suresh had the SUV covered in brightly colored decals that advertise his trips.

From the magnificent temple of Angkor Wat in Cambodia to the emerald waters of Halong Bay in Vietnam and the stunning seaside of the Ko Lanta region in Thailand, Suresh took in the sights of Southeast Asia—as well as the food. “Experiencing local cuisine was an important agenda of the trip,” says Suresh. “So wayside eateries and street food was a daily routine.”

Suresh says his Endeavour handled well throughout. “It’s an excellent driver’s vehicle,” he says. And the SUV is a perfect companion for long-distance adventures. “First, there’s the space, which is ideal for long, tough road trips where one has to carry luggage and gear for different terrains and climatic conditions,” explains Suresh. “Second, the transmission in my Endeavour is very smooth and trouble-free. And third, the wide network of service support is definitely a plus.”

After two very successful grand exploits with the Endeavour, Suresh even decided to buy a 2014 Ford Figo for his son.

And almost as soon as Suresh returned from his travels through Southeast Asia, he is already off on his next excursion: driving through the Himalayan region of India and neighboring countries. “It will be the toughest of all my road expeditions,” says this adventurer. And his trusted partner on the trip? The Endeavour, of course.

Note: These vehicles are not sold in the U.S.


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