No Kidding Around

For the Gordon family, no truck but an F-150 will do for both their children and their kids.

By Kristin Baird Rattini

Call it a “herd mentality.” When the Gordon family of Whitewood, S.D., needed a tougher truck for hauling their four children’s goats to 4-H livestock competitions, they knew exactly what they wanted: a Ford F-150. After all, parents Kindra and Bruce Gordon had both grown up around Ford trucks. They had fond memories of childhood road trips in Fords, and they wanted the same thing for their children: Bridger, 14; Danika, 12; Matea, 10; and Bennett, 8.

“It has been a great vehicle for us,” Kindra says of her 2010 F-150. “With four kids, we really appreciate the four-door pickup and all the legroom and space in the back.” Before the Gordon kids can settle in with their books for the ride, they first have to get their own kids —the four-legged variety—loaded into the trailer. The family raises six goats each year to show in local, regional and state competitions. “It has been a great project to teach life skills,” Kindra says. “The children learn the responsibility of taking care of an animal and how to handle the pressure of competition.”

Recent favorites among their goats include Chelsea and Habo, Mr. and Mrs. Whatshername , and Denali. “We go to a lot of national parks,” Kindra says, “and the kids like naming the goats after the places we’ve been.”
The F-150 gets plenty of work in between competitions. Bruce uses it on the family’s 160-acre farm as well as for driving to cattle auctions. “We can have some really cold, snowy weather out here in western South Dakota, and the F-150 does great,” Kindra says. The truck even handled –40°F temperatures during a winter drive up to Manitoba without a hiccup.

Next year will bring the family’s first national competition—the National Boer Goat Junior Show—as well as a new driver behind the wheel of the F-150: Bridger. “I don’t know if I’m ready to have my child driving yet,” Kindra says with a chuckle. “But I know the F-150 is a good, safe vehicle for him to start out in.”

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