Pashon's Passion

Pashon Murray is spearheading efforts to increase composting in Detroit.

Pashon Murray has blown up. Since starring in an inspiring Ford commercial that went viral in 2014—a parody of another company’s ad—the founder of the compost business Detroit Dirt has been in high demand. “The video changed my life,” says Pashon. The sustainability trailblazer has become an MIT fellow, was named one of Fortune’s Most Innovative Women and even presented at the White House. What’s more, she still has time to divert many thousands of pounds of waste from Detroit restaurants, factories, zoos and landfills with the help of her trusty F-150. “It’s my best friend,” Pashon says.

Pashon has big plans for the future: Buy a farm, create more jobs, take packaged compost to market and build a facility for compost research. Next up? She’s touring colleges to discuss waste reduction and climate benefits. “The youth are looking for change,” says Pashon. “They encourage me every day to wake up and say, ‘I’m doing this for a reason.’ ”

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