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Mustang emerges victorious in stunt driver Ben Collins’ 48-hour hunt for the ultimate stunt car

By Henry Miller

Two days. That’s all that Ben Collins gave himself to determine the ultimate stunt car for his latest movie, Ben Collins: Stunt Driver. Cue the screeching tires, explosions and impressive drifting as Collins gets behind the wheel of car after car. But after the dust settled, his favorite set of wheels was an easy choice: The Mustang reigned supreme.

On top of an impressive racing career that includes circuits across the globe, Collins has been behind the wheel in three James Bond movies, as well as on the British TV show Top Gear as The Stig. Stunt Driver was his idea to show audiences not just how to execute impressive barrel rolls but also why stunt drivers pick the cars that they do in the first place.

Having grown up in the ’70s, Collins has long had a preference for the American cars of that generation. While the cars of the early 2000s were not Collins’ favorite, Mustang “has righted every single wrong of that era,” he believes.

“Ford has really nailed it with the Mustang,” continues Collins. “The car has tons of feel, but you don’t lose that American edge, which is a car that gives you feedback…. It’s nothing like anything else of that ilk in my mind.” After making the movie, he already has his eyes on the 2016 Mustang Shelby® GT350R.

Now that he’s thoroughly battered the new Mustang and seen it perform at world-class standards, can Collins see other directors using the Mustang for future blockbusters?

Definitely, Collins says. “It’s so capable—and it’s got great poise.”

Photo courtesy of Ben Collins
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