One family uses Ford vehicles for everything from hauling livestock to construction work

By Chris Warren

When Debbie Snook was shopping for her first new car in 1974, she had some very specific requirements. Just 19 years old at the time, Snook was on a tight budget and needed the car to be both affordable and have good gas mileage. Always an animal lover, Debbie had just bought her first horse. So she needed something more specific as well: It had to be able to haul hay. Ultimately she settled on a turquoise 1972 Ford hatchback. “I could shove a bale of hay into the back when I needed to,” she recalls. “Even though it got the car dirty, I did that on occasion.”

In the four-plus decades since Debbie bought that Pinto, a lot of things have changed for this Lincoln, Calif. resident. She and her husband, Rich, now have three daughters and are part owners of a construction company. But what hasn’t changed over the years is the family’s love of animals and their loyalty to Ford.

In fact, the Snook family depends on its 2004 Ford F-350 Crew Cab to pursue their passion for raising steer, pigs and other animals, which they show at fairs all around the western U.S. “My daughters started raising animals when they were in elementary school, and it helped pay for their college,” explains Debbie. “They needed the trucks to haul their animals to the shows.”

But there are reasons beyond animal transport to explain why all five members of the Snook family have their own Ford vehicle in the driveway today. “We want our daughters to be safe,” says Debbie, who notes that her eldest daughter drives a 2008 Explorer, her middle daughter drives a 2013 F-150 and her youngest is behind the wheel of a 2005 Expedition. “We know these vehicles offer them safety on the road,” says Debbie, who drives a 2013 Ford Explorer herself.

Rich not only drives a 2014 F-150, he also uses Ford trucks to help his construction company operate smoothly. Since the company started 18 years ago, they’ve put approximately 50 Ford trucks to work. The trucks do everything from hauling materials and equipment to the bridges, overpasses and culverts they work on, to carting the flashing freeway signs they need to alert other drivers that roadwork is ahead. Whether it’s for use at work or home, Debbie says that her family has always chosen Ford vehicles because they’re versatile and reliable. “We’ve never had any issues. They’re good cars,” she explains.

Even better, she says, they’re also intuitive. “I like all of the new gadgets,” she says. “My favorite feature on my Explorer is the backup camera. I love that.”

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