The Five-ford Farm

Meet Donna and Steve Bryant: Farmers, artists, business people—and owners of a fleet of red Ford vehicles

By Kathy Sena

If you plan to spend much time on Donna and Steve Bryant’s hobby farm, “Wacky Acre,” prepare to see red. Lots of red. Life is busy for the Draper, Utah, couple—they oversee an acre of corn and tomatoes, not to mention a menagerie of ducks, chickens and rabbits—and their scarlet fleet of Ford vehicles helps keep it all rolling.

Donna’s 2015 Escape is her daily ride to work at a local craft store, where she’s a salesperson and a paper-crafting instructor. “The Escape makes the drive easy, especially during bad weather,” she says. A 2005 Ranger helps Steve haul veggies to the local farmer’s market in nearby Murray. And their 2006 Focus takes him to his job as a project supervisor at an engineering firm.

Then there’s the “let’s go for a drive” car—one with a lot of sentimental value. “It’s a 1955 Thunderbird,” says Steve. “I got it as a high school graduation gift. We drive it about once a week and do things like go get ice cream.”

When it comes to sentimental value, you wouldn’t think a tractor could beat that T-Bird. But… “Eight years ago we bought a 1948 red and gray Ford 8N tractor,” says Steve. “It’s exactly like the one my grandfather had. It’s even the same model year,” he adds. “And it runs well.”


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