Why should I demand OEM parts after an accident?


You have the right to choose not only your body shop but also the type of parts used for collision repairs. There are four categories of replacement parts.

Genuine Ford original equipment manufacturer (OEM) collision replacement parts are designed by Ford and produced to the same specifications as the parts on the vehicle when it’s manufactured. They’re the only parts proven to deliver the intended level of protection as a system.

New aftermarket parts are made by companies other than Ford or our OEM parts suppliers. They may not be made of the same materials or to the same specifications as OEM parts, and generally they may not have passed the same level of testing.

The two other options are salvaged and remanufactured parts. These could be parts removed from salvage-yard vehicles, culled from a car in an accident or found in the scrap behind a body shop before being reconditioned.

Don’t assume that only Genuine Ford OEM collision replacement parts will be used to repair your vehicle. It’s important to ask for OEM parts up front and in writing on the work order.